Gandhiji’s Humour

Gandhiji was a busy man. He thought of the problems of the whole nation. But he always found time to laugh. He had a fine sense of humor. He never made fun of anybody. His laughter was mixed with love. Many children stayed with Gandhiji at the Sabarmati Ashram. They often asked him questions and […]


Beautiful birds look at me

Birds are beautiful. They fly in the sky. They live in the trees. They sing sweet songs. Children to sing: Oh, little bird, Fly in the sky I shall go with you Teach me to fly! We find birds everywhere. They live in villages, towns, and cities. They live in forests and on mountains. Some […]

gullivers in lilliput

Gulliver’s Liliput Travel In Our Words

Antelope was a large ship. once it was sailing in the Pacific Ocean. There were thirty sailors on it. Besides the sailors, there were a captain and a doctor named Gulliver. In the beginning, the sailing was smooth. But then there arose a storm in the sea. There were strong wind and heavy rain. Sailing […]


The Ganga: India’s lifeline River

“Rivers are the lifeline for the mankind dp”hÅs. There are many great rivers in our country India. The Ganga is the most important and the greatest river among them. The Ganga is 2480 kilometers long. The source of the Ganga is in the Himalayan mountains. It comes down through the hills and flows into the […]

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Mega Ride A New Railway Project in Gujarat

Gujarat is a progressive state. Ahmedabad is the largest city and center of business in Gujarat. Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat. About 50,000 people everyday travel between these two capitals -old and new. So, we need a good transport facility. The Government of Gujarat planned for a new railway project. The government started a […]

Speaking skills

Speaking skills – Important and How To Improve

Speech, as the primary output skill, is inevitably related to listening. All of us listen to or speak in order to fulfill the various needs of communication. So, this ‘need for communication’ is the focal part of the process of speaking. In language classes, creating this need ‘ is what could trigger the practice of […]

Listening skills in education

Listening skills in education

Listening, though being the basic input skill in language learning, has been an ignored area in language teaching-learning for a long time. Before thinking about how to teach listening, this fact has to be considered so as to appropriate tools and strategies and approaches. Listening is a cognitive activity. It involves a great deal of […]