Speaking skills

Speaking skills – Important and How To Improve

Speech, as the primary output skill, is inevitably related to listening. All of us listen to or speak in order to fulfill the various needs of communication. So, this ‘need for communication’ is the focal part of the process of speaking. In language classes, creating this need ‘ is what could trigger the practice of […]

Listening skills in education

Listening skills in education

Listening, though being the basic input skill in language learning, has been an ignored area in language teaching-learning for a long time. Before thinking about how to teach listening, this fact has to be considered so as to appropriate tools and strategies and approaches. Listening is a cognitive activity. It involves a great deal of […]


The Importance of Assessment in Education

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Assessment is an integral part of education which is important to determine whether the goals of education are being met or not. In order to determine the students learning, the teacher would deploy Assessment tool which has to be appropriate, reliable and authentic. It is very important […]

Teaching Writing

Teaching Writing Skill History and Original of Writing

History and Original of Writing In Concept of writing by Hardt explains the history of writing by saying that before writing as a form was invented, human beings used to express their ideas and thoughts in pictures, images and these means of expressions used to preserve and remember mainly rituals and religious ceremonies. Not as […]

Communicative Language Teaching

What is Communicative Language Teaching?

‘Communicative Language Teaching’ also known as CLT is a pan of Modem Approaches. The core goal of this language teaching approach is to help the students to acquire the target language and enable them to communicate in it without any hassle. The present approach of teaching language has shifted the classroom scenario which was previously […]