The Ganga: India’s lifeline River

“Rivers are the lifeline for the mankind dp”hÅs. There are many great rivers in our country India. The Ganga is the most important and the greatest river among them. The Ganga is 2480 kilometers long. The source of the Ganga is in the Himalayan mountains. It comes down through the hills and flows into the Bay of Bengal.


The Ganga is a holy river. There are many stories of how the river Ganga came down to the earth. Would you like to know one of them? Long ago, there was a king. His name was Sagara. He had a beautiful horse. He wanted to give his horse as a present to the gods. One day, a thief took away the horse. The king was very unhappy.

He sent all his sons to search for it. But he asked one of his sons named Bhagirath to stay with him. Sagara’s sons searched the horse all over the land, but they could not find it anywhere. So they decided to search it inside the earth. They dug a deep, deep hole. At last, they came to a great sea. There, they saw a very old man. Sagara’s sons disturbed that old man. So, he became very angry. He 88 became so angry that he burnt Sagara’s all sons to ashes.

Now, only the water of the Ganga could give them a new life. But, at that time, the Ganga was not on the earth, she was in heaven. Bhagirath was alone at home. He prayed to the river Ganga to come down on the earth and bring his brothers to life again. The Ganga was happy to be on the earth but she was afraid that her fall from heaven to earth would break the earth. Bhagirath requested Lord Shiva to held the Ganga. Lord Shiva agreed. He asked the Ganga to flow down to earth through his long hair. In this way, the Ganga could come down gently to the earth. The Ganga flowed over the ash of Sagara’s sons and they all came to life again.

Bhagirath prayed the Ganga to flow on the earth. So, she is also known as ‘Bhagirathi’.

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